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Thanks for this ester :) -joen

They say our eyes is the windows of our souls, did you find my eyes fascinating? (at Book Cafe Under the Tree)

Diet is an understatement. 👌 (at Chego Bibimbap)

Pampering & Spoiling 😜 can decide yet what color of the bumpers red,blue or still transparent? (at Las Villas Subdivision, Urdaneta City)

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I really hate waiting, especially when Alone 😔 papa @eilor87 your such a slowpoke hahaha but I LOVE YOU! ❤ (at JCO Donuts And Coffee, SM Baguio)




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Hello @nekoariachan . Hope you get well soon. (^~^)

Isn’t she a beauty? ❤💕

Fearing Nightmares 🌑

Enjoying #nofilter camera 💕 (at Urdaneta City, Pangasinan)

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My name is "Aira Nicole P. Saltat", Louisian Frosh from Saint Louis University,Baguio City | BMLS student (Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science) also known as MEDTECH, proud photographer of Ocularis Naturale and SLU's White&Blue, I may post a lot of useless stuff but atleast I'm always active, This blog serves as my diary of my daily life, I post what i feel and what i want, bear with me, PM me of you have suggestion on improving my blog
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