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Take a “whipped”

Goofing around at the moment with our lab assistant 😂 #1 sa selfie mob 😄 Hi ma’am ate! 💗 (at Saint Louis University Rizal Building)

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It feels like yesterday ☺️

I’m gonna be late for my class 😔 (at Benguet Province)

Baked Rush cake just to satisfy my mom and my cravings 🎂🍫 (at Las Villas Subdivision, Urdaneta City)

Imagine when you get to see this everyday 💕 (at Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union)

Every bite takes you to paris! Say YES for french macarons 💕

Our morning be like (at Oasis Country Resort La Union)

I never saw her this happy in my entire life ❤️ I’m also happy for you. We love you this much ami always remember that. 💗 (at Oasis Country Resort La Union)

Post summer #ootd (at Sevilla, San Fernando City, La Union)

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#OOTD (at C & R Ladies Dormitory! New Lucban)

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For orders/inquiries
PM us on our facebook page
📱 SMS: 0906 399 1544
Pick up/Meet up (weekends only) in public places only in URDANETA👈

Lookie here! this box just came in earlier from @pocketeerph 💕 thank you dear such a nice quality of pocket shirts ❤️ LOVE THEM by the way 😍 (at C & R Ladies Dormitory! New Lucban)

Dessert Porn ✌️ (at Greenbites)

Baking soon 👊

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