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With honeybunnysweetiepatootie 💕 (at Rexhall Student Residences in Baguio City)

Dare to dream 🌠 (at C & R Ladies Dormitory! New Lucban)

Bakit mukhang ako ung nagmumukhang nanakit? Siya ang nangiwan saken, wala kang karapatang magalit saken dahil NAGMAHAL AKO NG TAPAT AT BUO pero iniwan mo ako, tapos magagalit ka na nakamove on na ako sayo? Gago ka ba talaga? Hindi nga ako nagsisi na iniwan mo ako eh, mas narealize ko pa nga I’m BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU. Ang saya saya ko nga sa present ko eh, ibang iba ang feeling with him and with you! I’m a lot happier. Hindi naman ako magmamahal ng iba kung hindi mo ako iniwan tandaan mo yan, bakit mo kinukuha mga loob at awa ng ibang tao, story maker ka, OO AAMININ KO! MADAMI AKONG PAGKUKULANG SAYO, pero the thing is bakit ka naggive up agad saken? Diba nga promise natin sa isat isa na walang iwanan? Bat ko ako iniwan? Diba nga.

What comes to your mind? is this a choice? or not? who will you choose? I think it is always depends upon the situation, but in my part, I always choose The One Who Loves Me, WHY? because in my whole life, I always ended up being the one whose hurt and always the one who was left behind, leaving me broken. I know i shouldn’t be generalizing everything. Stereo-typing is not really necessary. I feel like I’m always repeating the same history over and over again but with different people, time and places. I always keep on aking myself “why do I always ended up being the one whose hurt?” “am I not enough for him?” “what else should I become just for him to fight for me?” I think every girl wished for a boy who will fight for them even though they’re moody, unpredictable and hard to be with sometimes. 

But guys, Let me remind you, NEVER CHOOSE BETWEEN PEOPLE WHO LOVES YOU AND THE ONE YOU LOVE because what is the use of letting someone love you if you don’t love him at all? I know you will say that  I WILL LOVE HIM EVENTUALLY, but what if you will be in his position? It hurts right? or the other way around, what’s the use of loving him so bad if he doesn’t love you? PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE as they always say, if you apply it to love, that will be… NEVER LOVE SOMEONE IF YOU KNOW YOU WILL REGRET IT AFTERWARDS some people will say:"but at least, he made me happy temporarily" right?  BUT GUYS! My point is everybody deserves to be happy. LOVE IS A ROUGH ROAD, trial and error, if you committed mistakes in your past relationships, learn from them and as possible, never repeat the same mistakes over and over. It’s normal to be hurt when it comes to love. but some people like myself is  not lucky to be blessed with close to perpect lovelife. all you have to do is to wait for the person who will love you with all his heart, will love your flaws and mistakes and you will love in return. never rush take thinks slowly.

Chill 😎 (at Glyco Sweetshop)

Breakfast with joen 💚 (at Cafe By The Ruins, Baguio City)

Florals x jano florals 🌸🌺🌹💐🌷 (at Saint Louis University)

We are currently living under the same city yet we don’t see each other, how come? Hi couz! (at C & R Ladies Dormitory! New Lucban)

DIY: Panda Nail Art 💕 🐼
I’m so creative when stress 😂👍✌️

Cravings satisfied 😍😘 (at Grumpy Joe)

Meepo and B1 just smiled at me! Waah! ❤️ made my stressful night! Yes! I am dying to meet this dog! Hi b1 @angelaazaleah! & @nenengbhem miss you 3! 😘😚

If only I can get a hands on this puppy! 😍❤️💕 such a cutiepie! 😚 CAN I HAVE YOU! 😙

Nautical ⚓️ I am so artistic! Bwahaha be proud of me mamabear 😬

Hooray for new room design! 💕 late upload tho. (at C & R Ladies Dormitory! New Lucban)

I’m sooo ARTSY! 😂 bwahaha (at C & R Ladies Dormitory! New Lucban)

My name is "Aira Nicole P. Saltat", Louisian sophie from Saint Louis University,Baguio City | BMLS student (Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science) also known as MEDTECH, proud photographer of Ocularis Naturale and SLU's White&Blue, Varsity Player of NatSci. I may post a lot of useless stuff but atleast I'm always active, This blog serves as my diary of my daily life, I post what i feel and what i want, bear with me, PM me of you have suggestion on improving my blog
I hope you'll like my BLOG
any request,question just ask me, I'm not a snob person :) ♥

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